Pension fund

Pensioners urged to claim their Pension Credit

Did you know that an estimated £1.7 billion is left unclaimed by around 800,000 thousand pensioners who are missing out on their Pension Credit?

Today, (Wednesday 15 June), is Pension Credit Day of Action and we are urging local pensioners to take-up the financial support available to them, as around a third of those eligible for Pension Credit are not claiming it and could be missing out on extra money each week.

The Pension Credit will help top up people’s state pension and can help with other bills.

Cllr Saima Ashraf, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Community Leadership and Engagement, said: “We know that some people may not be getting or claiming for Pension Credit when they are entitled to it.

“If you work with people over State Pension age, are related to them or know someone who might be eligible, then please encourage them to find out more about this support which may be worth more than £3,300 a year on average.”

Residents can use the Pension Credit calculator to find out if they are eligible and to find out how much they may be entitled to.