Cigarette on floor

A costly cigarette for Dagenham lady

The owner of a Fiat 500 has been found guilty in court after she failed to provide details of the driver spotted littering from her car in east London.

On 18 March 2023, Barking and Dagenham Council Enforcement Officers witnessed the driver of the car dispose of a cigarette on to the public highway in Wood Lane, Dagenham.

Further investigation with the DVLA showed that the vehicle was registered to a Ms Nadine Newman of Campus Avenue, Dagenham and a Notice was served asking her to identify the driver at the time of the offence.

Ms Newman had 21 days to comply with the Notice but failed. A further Notice was issued letting her know they would be taking her to court if she failed to comply within another seven days.

This Notice was also ignored, and Ms Newman was summoned to Barkingside Magistrates Court on 23 April 2024 where she was found guilty in her absence.

The Magistrate ordered her to pay a fine of £220, costs to Barking and Dagenham Council of £512 and a Victim Surcharge of £88, totalling £820.

Councillor Syed Ghani, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety said: “We take littering very seriously in Barking and Dagenham and this woman had every opportunity to provide the details of the person who committed the offence. If we catch you, we will always take the necessary action including prosecution in the courts.

“Now pure ignorance from Ms Newman has resulted in her having to pay out a huge amount of money.”