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Order a new or replacement bin

Delivery and replacement of wheeled bins is currently taking longer than expected.  We apologise for the delay and are working hard to deliver outstanding requests.

Find out information and advice on how to reduce your household waste.

We no longer provide the larger 240L bins for domestic waste, you will be provided with a 120L bin.

Request a new or replacement bin

You can use this form to

  • request a new bin if yours has been stolen or damaged 
  • request the removal of your bin
  • request a smaller bin

Request a removal, replacement or new bin 

If you completed this form inside My B&D, you can view and chase your request

Green garden waste

You need to sign up for green garden waste collections to receive a green bin. It costs £41 per year.

What to do if you don't have a bin

Rubbish bin

Put your waste in tied bin bags and put out on your collection day.

Recycling bin

Put your recycling in a clear bag and put out on your collection day.

Communal bins for flats

Landlords, managing agents and developers are responsible for ensuring that waste is disposed of correctly for residents in flats by looking after the communal Eurobins and providing new or replacements bins.

Information for developers and managing agents for providing new or replacement communal Eurobins.