Apply for a parking bay suspension

If you need to block a parking bay or group of bays for a long period of time, preventing other drivers from using it, you must apply for us to suspend them

Bay suspensions can be either daily or weekly (5 working days). 

You must apply for the parking bay suspension at least 5 working days in advance so that we have time to place signs around the parking bays and give reasonable notice to other road-users. A longer period of time may be required in some cases.


Charge for 1 bay for 1 day  - £134

Charge for 1 bay for 1 week -  £401

Administration charge for bay suspension - £30

Conditions of application

A single bay is 5 metres in length, so you will need to apply for more than 1 bay suspension if you need more space. Bay suspension applications must be for a specific date and purpose.

We will not automatically agree to a parking bay suspension and we reserve the right to refuse applications if we consider the location unsuitable.

The parking bay suspension may be provided up to 50 metres from the requested location. Fees are not refundable if the bay suspension is cancelled or dates change through no fault of the council.

Filming and parking bays

There are special conditions applicable for filming in the borough. Find out more about filming in the borough.