Appeal your dropped kerb application decision

Follow instructions to appeal the decision of your dropped kerb application

If you wish to appeal the decision of your vehicle crossing application, please email with the subject heading 'Appeal - Footway Crossing - Property Address of the footway crossing application'.

No discussion can be entered into with any third parties regarding a Drop Crossing Application or Appeal without the applicant’s prior written permission.

Please ensure details relating to your appeal are clearly stated to assist us in the review process of your application. The Network Manager for Highways will then review and determine your appeal in line with the councils Front Garden Parking Criteria applicable at the time of your application submission.

Please note, appeals received contesting item 10 of the criteria will be forwarded to our Parking Services Team for review, decision and a response.

Your appeal must be received within 3 months from the date on your denial letter, appeals received after this date will not be accepted.

The decision at the appeal stage is final, if your appeal is rejected your case will be closed.

Once your case is closed we are not able to accept any further correspondence regarding your appeal decision. This includes via general enquiries, members enquiries, members of parliament enquiries or through the Council complaints process.

We will provide a response with 28 days from receipt of your appeal.