School street permits

Residents living inside the School Street zone, school staff and certain others can apply for an exemption permit for their vehicle.

To apply for a School Street Permit please email with proof of your address and proof of vehicle ownership.  A photograph of your documents will do.

School Streets Exemptions Policy and Zones (PDF, 355KB)

Proof of your address

This must be no more than three months old, and we will accept:

  • a bank or building society statement
  • a Council Tax bill
  • a utility bill such as an electricity, gas or water bill
  • Proof of vehicle ownership

We will accept:

  • a bill of sale
  • a certificate of motor insurance
  • a vehicle registration document (V5C)

School staff

You must provide proof of your address and proof of vehicle ownership (as above) and please be sure to copy in your School Street Coordinator when you email us.


You must provide a satisfactory document from a recognised organisation or authority as well as proof of your address and proof of vehicle ownership (as above).

If you are a paid carer, this could be your ID card or a letter from your employer. If you are a voluntary or informal carer, it could be a letter from your GP, the NHS or the Council. The letter should confirm that you are the carer of a person at that address. If you are a carer of a child attending the school you will need confirmation from the school.

Please use this email address for applications for School Street permits only. We will not be able to reply to any other correspondence from this mailbox.