Report nuisance smells or smoke

Reports nuisance smells or smoke such as bonfires or dust

The service currently operates six days per week, offering a late-night out-of-hours service on a Friday, Saturday.  If there is no one on duty, or if the smell or smoke has stopped, we will not take action but your complaint will be logged.  You can’t make an anonymous report but all complaints are confidential.

Please note: Complaints of odour from cigarette smoke, tobacco smoke, pipe smoke etc. going from one property to another is not a matter that can be investigated under the Statutory Nuisance regime. 

Smoking within your own home or garden is considered “reasonable use”. Reasonable use has to be taken into consideration, when assessing statutory nuisances and it is reasonable that a person/people smoke within their own home and in their garden. This however can be pursued as a civil matter which the council would not get involved with.


  • Monday to Saturday, 8am to 4pm

Evenings and nights

  • Friday and Saturday, 8pm to 4am

The best way to report an issue with nuisance smells or smoke is to use our online form. 

Report nuisance smells or smoke

Once we have received your complaint you may get a call from us asking you to confirm the smell or smoke is still happening. If it is, we will contact you and arrange to visit you in your property to investigate the issue and find out how it’s affecting you.

Check the progress of an existing report

Use the reference number found on your confirmation email to check the status of your report.

We cannot provide you with a status update or escalate your issue without your reference number unless you have made this report via My B&D.

View the status of an existing report