Community clean up events

Community groups and residents in the borough can help make our neighbourhoods cleaner by organising local litter picking events.

Community litter picking brings everyone together, improve the local environment and sends out a strong message that residents will not tolerate littering or any mess.

Help clean up your neighbourhood

We know that lots of residents take real pride in their local area and want to see the borough kept clean, tidy and at its best.

That’s why we’ll work with you on litter picking events and provide all the equipment needed, such as litter pickers, gloves and waste bags.

If you are a resident or a community group and would like to carry out regular litter picks or hold a larger clean-up event, please let us know when you would like to hold the event and we'll provide you with the equipment like litter pickers and bin bags. 

Tell us about your community clean up event

Advice and tips

  • You can carry out a litter pick on your own or with your family, or you can involve local neighbours too.
  • Community groups and Resident Associations are also very welcome to carry out litter picks
  • Complete the online form to confirm details of your litter pick event at least 10 days before your litter picking session.
  • We recommend you carry out a risk assessment for your clean up event, and confirm a drop off point for the waste you collect.
  • We’ll also arrange for you to collect your litter picking kit. You can collect the equipment from the following council buildings in the borough: Barking Learning Centre, Dagenham Library, Marks Gate Library, Valence Library, or the Sue Bramley Children Centre. When you book your equipment, we’ll confirm which building you’d like to collect the equipment from. 
  • We can only issue equipment for a maximum of 20 people. If you would like to run a bigger event then complete the form and tell us a bit more about your event. We may still be able to issue you with equipment and help you to promote your event. 
  • Enjoy your litter picking event! Remember to make it fun, not too long, and sociable.
  • Don't forget to tell us how you get on! Take lots of photos, and count the bags. Post your photos on our Facebook page @barkinganddagenham or Tweet them to us at @lbbdcouncil
  • We’ll share your photos and feedback on our Social Media accounts to let others know what a great job you are doing in taking care of your local environment.

Collecting and returning equipment

Collecting equipment

Equipment can be collected from the following council buildings in the borough, Barking Learning CentreDagenham LibraryMarks Gate LibraryValence Library, or the Thames Community Hub.  Please collect the equipment on the Friday before your event and return on the following Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a Bank Holiday). You can view the opening times for each building by clicking on the above building links. Staff will be aware and ready to help with your equipment collection.    

Extra equipment will need to be requested during registration with reasons why it is needed.  We won’t be able to provide extra equipment after your collection day.  Extra rolls of bags will be provided, if required, when you collect your equipment, so that you don't run out.   

Returning equipment

Please return all litter pickers, in the same condition as they were issued. Bags and gloves are disposable. 

Report any damaged or lost equipment to the reception desk when you return it.    

If you are running regularly and established clean-up events, you may be given equipment to look after. Otherwise it’ll need to be returned for other events to use.  

The group leader is responsible for the collection and safe return of equipment. They should advise their teams on correct usage of the equipment and ensure the equipment is not misused.   

Risk assessment and heath and safety guidance

You are responsible for your own safety during the event. We recommend you carry out a Risk Assessment of the location of your activity prior to your event.

We have provided a suggested risk assessment

We recommend you brief your group on the and the Health & Safety Guidance before and at the start of your event.