Comment or object to a planning application

Search for a planning application and make comments.

You’ll need to:

  • quote the application number (or the address where the proposed development is taking place)
  • make it clear whether you are objecting, supporting or commenting on the proposal
  • restrict your comments to planning issues — the council can only take planning issues into account when making a decision

Please make comments within 3 weeks of notification. Any comments received later than this but before the date of the decision will form part of the planning officer’s deliberations.

The comments you make will form part of the planning officer’s report, which may be shared with staff or put before the planning committee for decision.

Your comments will not be confidential. They count as public documents and can be seen by the applicant and any other interested parties.

Search and comment on a planning application

What happens next?

You should check the Public Access website to see the final decision taken on the application.

Comments about a particular case are available to view at Be First’s Office, 9th Floor Maritime House, Barking IG11 8HG – ask for Development Management Administration at reception.

How to find out about local planning applications

When we receive a planning application we publicise this so local residents can give their comments. This could be by:

  • write to you to invite you to comment, if we think that a planning application will affect your property
  • display a notice at the site that the application concerns (in the case of major developments)
  • advertise the fact that an application has been received in the Public Notices column of the Barking and Dagenham Post

Planning Service

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