Planning enforcement

Report a suspected breach of planning permission, or pay a fee to the planning enforcement team.

Sometimes building work is not carried out in line with planning permission or permission has not been granted.

You can report suspected breaches of planning permission to us which we will investigate.

We also provide a register where you can view what planning enforcement action has taken place.

Before you report you need to:

  • check if planning permission has already been granted
  • note down dates of when activities or building work started and how they are affecting you personally
  • get the full address for the site where the development is taking place
  • let us know your contact details in order for us to keep you informed
  • know names and contact details of the owners or other people involved such as contractors, builders (if known)
  • take photographs

What happens next?

All complaints are treated sensitively and where possible confidentially, it may be difficult to preserve confidentiality in every case, for example if we need to go to court we may ask you to give us further help.

Certain developments, such as small house extensions, are permitted by law and we have no control over them.

We have no control over works completed more than four years ago.

Please note we have no jurisdiction over civil matters such as boundary disputes.

Report suspected breaches of planning permission


Make a payment to the Planning Enforcement Team

Pay a compliance fee or planning appeal fee