Check your bin collection days

Find out when we collect your bins and what you need to do.

Green Garden Waste - please be aware that collection days/weeks may have changed this year from previous collections years and that the information displayed on your permit is correct. We are currently updating the collection date search function below. 

To find your collection day, enter your postcode below and then select your address from the drop-down list.

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Wheelie Bins


  • your grey bin for general waste is collected weekly.
  • your brown bin for recycling is collected fortnightly.
  • your green bin is for garden waste and is collected fortnightly (when the scheme is active) if you've signed up for our green garden waste service.

On collection day, bins are scheduled to be emptied between 6am and 10pm.

Presenting your bins for collection

Leave your bins:

  • at the front boundary of your property
  • bins need to be presented for collection by 6am on the bin collection day

We will not empty your bin if it:

  • isn't at the front boundary of your property
  • contains waste that should be in a different bin or waste that would damage the collection vehicle
  • is too heavy to be lifted safely by the collection vehicle
  • contains too much waste - the lid must close

Collection date problems

If you have a problem with your bin collection date, please complete our form to let us know.

Collection date problems