Safe Haven FAQs

Frequently asked questions for the Safe Haven scheme.

Is there a list of Safe Havens?

See the full list of all the venues that are already Safe Havens.

Visit a Safe Haven

What training is given?

Any venue wanting to become a Safe Haven can access our online training course by signing up here.  There is no limit on how many of you can do it, we encourage you to watch the short videos with the rest of your team when you first sign up and then add it to new staff inductions.

Do our team need specialist knowledge to become a Safe Haven?

You don’t require any specialist knowledge; other than taking the online training.  A directory of services will be sent to you after the training to ensure you are aware of other organisations and helplines that you can refer people to for specific issues.

Will this cost me anything?

The local authority will cover the cost of the literature, signs, and the running of the scheme.

Only a small amount of staff time should someone need help.

Do I need to have a CRB or DBS check?

No but if you would like some safeguarding training, please contact the Community Safety Partnership Team.

I am interested in helping but worried how much work it might involve

The scheme is designed to be as simple as possible and shouldn’t impact significantly on your time. It means a lot to people that there are places they can go to for help if they need to.

You are also required to have two members of staff at work at all times, this means that if you do have someone using the service, one employee can continue as normal, meaning disruption to business is minimal.

What if I’m unable to understand or help the person?

If the Safe Havens user has their Safe Havens card on them there should be contact details for a person to call.

If the matter relates to a criminal incident, anti-social behaviour, or concern for someone’s safety, welfare, or health, dial 999 in an emergency.

Why do we have to display the logo in our window?

Many people relate to visual cues especially those with learning disabilities

It also allows people who are in an unfamiliar area to identify a place to get help.

If the scheme isn’t used much what is the point of it?

The scheme is designed to give people a safe space if they are feeling bullied, afraid, or in need of assistance. The Safe Havens aim to reassure people that there is somewhere to go.

Can the public feedback about how useful they find Safe Havens to be?

Yes, anyone using a Safe Haven venue is encouraged to fill out our feedback card either at the time or to take it away and complete afterward.  They can submit feedback online so there is no cost to post.

If you have any other questions, please direct them to email