School Street Exemptions

Residents living inside a School Street, school staff (where the carpark is only accessible from inside a School Street) and certain others can apply for an exemption permit for their vehicle

It is your responsibility to ensure you have included all relevant documents. If you fail to provide the correct evidence, your application will automatically be rejected.

To apply for a School Street exemption please email with supporting evidence as set out below.

All applicants must provide:

Proof of address – one of the following:

  • A Council Tax Demand (must be current financial year).
  • A utility bill (gas/electric/water/landline, NOT mobile phone) or bank statement (less than three months old).
  • If you are moving into the area we will need confirmation of your new address, for example a solicitor's letter or a tenancy agreement.

And one of the following:

  • A copy of the vehicle registration document (V5C).
  • A valid insurance schedule – clearly showing your address.
  • A copy of the signed hire/lease agreement on letter-headed paper including the duration of the hire or lease period - clearly showing your address.
  • For company vehicles: a copy of the V5C and a signed letter on letter-headed paper from your company confirming your employment and that you are the keeper and user of the vehicle at the address within the school street (dated within the last three months).

Blue Badge holders

- as above and:

  • A copy of the vehicle registration document (V5C) or Motability agreement.
  • Blue Badge (both sides).

School staff

- where the only access to the carpark is inside the School Street – as above and:

  • Applications must be made from your work email account.

Formal and informal carers

  • Proof of address and vehicle ownership as above.


  • A letter confirming your formal or informal carer status, this could be a letter from your employer, GP, the NHS, or the Council.

Terms and conditions

By applying for a School Street exemption with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I confirm that all information I have given to the council to support my application is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and accurate.
  • I understand that this exemption is not a parking permit and does not give me permission to park within a School Street, or any Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ).
  • I understand that I must inform the council if I move out of the School Street, for which my vehicle is exempt.
  • I understand the council will cancel the exemption immediately, if I sell or dispose of the exempted vehicle.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to ensure my exemption is current, allowing enough time for my application to be processed.
  • I understand that the council may prosecute me under the Fraud Act 2006 and any other legislation that may be deemed appropriate, if the information which I have given, is found to be false or misleading.

I agree I have read and understood the terms below:

  • Businesses, residents, or blue badge holders that require access can apply for an exemption for a School Street.
  • The exemption permit is only valid for the vehicle to which it is awarded.
  • The exemption is only valid for the School Street and code found on your exemption confirmation email.