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St Peter and St Paul's Churchyard

St Peter and St Paul's Churchyard
020 8227 2332
Church Lane, Dagenham
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St Peter and St Paul's Churchyard is a unique green space within the borough. The Churchyard, only a couple acres in size (8093.7 square metres), was closed to new burials in the 1990s, since which it has been managed as a nature reserve. The London Wildlife Trust took over the management of the site in 1997. The area surrounding the church is maintained very much as gardens where nature can thrive but the emphasis is on formality. Further away from the church the gardens give way to an area of meadow where gravestones are found resting amongst spring and summer flowers. The Churchyard won a Green Flag Award in 2003. The long grass, bramble and trees provide the obvious habitats. The old walls and headstones are valuable for lichens and mosses and are not common in the borough. The main importance of the churchyard is for invertebrates. In summer you can find the long grass full of butterflies and crickets and there are lots of flying insects. These insects provide food for bats. For most recent years a kestrel has nested on the church tower. Woodpeckers regularly feed on the avenue of lime trees. A family of foxes live in the churchyard and can often be seen in the early morning and late evening. The London Wildlife Trust run regular events in conjunction with the borough's Parks and Countryside Ranger Service.


The Churchyard is accessible by wheelchair.