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We offer so much more than books, study spaces, activities. We bring in many different services available in partnership with various partners. We have been offering our events and activities online.

Online events

There will be no virtual play and communication groups during February half term (15 to 21 February)

Our schedule of online activities for libraries, Children's centres and healthy lifestyles:

Online events 22 to 28 February 2021 Toggle accordion

DateActivityStart timeDescription
22 FebruaryBaby massage10am(Invite only)
Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
22 FebruaryStory time - 22 February10.30amOn Microsoft Teams
22 FebruaryBaby Play and Learn11.30amEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
22 FebruaryHENRY (Booking required)1pm

Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk

22 FebruaryLittle Rhyme Makers - 22 February1.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
22 FebruaryTai Chi with Karl - 22 February2pmOn Microsoft Teams
22 FebruaryLEAN Living (12 weeks) - 22 February6pmOn Microsoft Teams
23 FebruaryChair based aerobics with Barbara - 23 February9.30amOn Microsoft Teams
23 FebruaryLEAN Living (8 weeks)10.30amEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
23 FebruaryLittle Rhyme Makers - 23 February10amOn Microsoft Teams
23 FebruaryLook Listen and Play - 121 sessions and play and language workshop (week 4)10amEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
23 FebruaryYoung at heart coffee morning - 23 February10.30amOn Microsoft Teams
23 FebruaryChair based aerobics with Barbara - 23 February11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
23 FebruaryStory time - 23 February1.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
23 FebruaryZumba Exercise Class with Herbie - 23 February7.30pmOn Zoom
Meeting ID - 899 4665 9621
Passcode - 893146
24 FebruaryExercise session with Jason - 24 February9.30amOn Microsoft Teams
24 FebruaryStory time - 24 February10amOn Microsoft Teams
24 FebruaryELF Physical Activity Session - 24 February (For adults with learning difficulties)11amOn Microsoft Teams
24 FebruarySupple strength with Jason - 24 February11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
24 FebruaryTotal body therapy with Jason - 24 February12.45pmOn Microsoft Teams
24 FebruaryParenting programme1pmEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
24 FebruaryKnit and natter - 24 February2pmOn Microsoft Teams
25 FebruaryStory time - 25 February10amOn Microsoft Teams
25 FebruaryYoga with Cathy - 25 February11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
25 FebruaryLittle Rhyme Makers - 25 February1pmOn Microsoft Teams
25 FebruaryLEAN Living (12 weeks) - 25 February1pmOn Microsoft Teams
25 FebruaryYoung at heart quiz - 25 February1pmOn Microsoft Teams
25 FebruaryZumba Exercise Class with Herbie - 25 February7.30pmOn Zoom
Meeting ID - 899 4665 9621
Passcode - 893146
26 FebruaryGetting started - 26 February10amOn Microsoft Teams
26 FebruaryStory time - 26 February10.30amOn Microsoft Teams
26 FebruaryHENRY Starting Solids11.15am(Invite only) 
Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
26 FebruarySupple strength with Jason - 26 February11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
26 FebruaryMusic quiz - 26 February1pmOn Microsoft Teams
26 FebruaryBaby massage1pm(Invite only)
Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
27 FebruaryLEAN Living (12 weeks) - 27 February10amOn Microsoft Teams
28 FebruaryLEAN Living (8 weeks)11am or 3pmEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk


Online events 1 to 7 March 2021 Toggle accordion

DateActivityStart timeDescription
1 MarchBaby massage10am(Invite only)
Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
1 MarchStory time - 1 March10.30amOn Microsoft Teams
1 MarchBaby Play and Learn11.30amEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
1 MarchHENRY (Booking required)1pm

Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk

1 MarchLittle Rhyme Makers - 1 March1.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
1 MarchLEAN Living (12 weeks) - 1 March6pmOn Microsoft Teams
2 MarchChair based aerobics with Barbara - 2 March9.30amOn Microsoft Teams
2 MarchLittle Rhyme Makers - 2 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
2 MarchLook Listen and Play - 121 sessions and play and language workshop (week 4)10amEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
2 MarchYoung at heart coffee morning - 2 March10.30amOn Microsoft Teams
2 MarchChair based aerobics with Barbara - 2 March11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
2 MarchStory time - 2 March1.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
2 MarchHoy (Cards) - 2 March2pmOn Microsoft Teams
2 MarchZumba Exercise Class with Herbie - 2 March7.30pmOn Zoom
Meeting ID - 899 4665 9621
Passcode - 893146
3 MarchExercise session with Jason - 3 March9.30amOn Microsoft Teams
3 MarchStory time - 3 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
3 MarchLets get moving - 3 March 10amOn Microsoft Teams
3 MarchELF Physical Activity Session - 3 March (For adults with learning difficulties)11amOn Microsoft Teams
3 MarchSupple strength with Jason - 3 March11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
3 MarchTotal body workout with Jason - 3 March12.45pmOn Microsoft Teams
3 MarchParenting programme1pmEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
3 MarchKnit and natter - 3 March2.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
4 MarchStory time - 4 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
4 MarchLittle Rhyme Makers - 4 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
4 MarchCreative fun - 4 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
4 MarchLEAN Living (12 weeks) - 4 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
4 MarchYoung at heart quiz - 4 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
4 MarchLine dancing with Ken - 4 March2.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
4 MarchZumba Exercise Class with Herbie - 4 March7.30pmOn Zoom
Meeting ID - 899 4665 9621
Passcode - 893146
5 MarchGetting started - 5 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
5 MarchStory time - 5 March10.30amOn Microsoft Teams
5 MarchHENRY Starting Solids11.15am(Invite only) 
Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
5 MarchSupple strength with Jason - 5 March11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
5 MarchBaby massage1pm(Invite only)
Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
5 MarchBasic computer skills - 5 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
6 MarchLEAN Living (12 weeks) - 6 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
7 MarchLEAN Living (8 weeks)11amEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk


Online events 8 to 14 March 2021 Toggle accordion

DateActivityStart timeDescription
8 MarchBaby massage10am(Invite only)
Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
8 MarchStory time - 8 March10.30amOn Microsoft Teams
8 MarchBaby Play and Learn11.30amEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
8 MarchHENRY (Booking required)1pm

Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk

8 MarchLittle Rhyme Makers - 8 March1.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
8 MarchAfternoon tea - 8 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
8 MarchLEAN Living (12 weeks) - 8 March6pmOn Microsoft Teams
9 MarchChair based aerobics with Barbara - 9 March9.30amOn Microsoft Teams
9 MarchLittle Rhyme Makers - 9 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
9 MarchLook Listen and Play - 121 sessions and play and language workshop (week 4)10amEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
9 MarchLEAN Living (8 weeks)10.30amEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
9 MarchYoung at heart coffee morning - 9 March10.30amOn Microsoft Teams
9 MarchChair based aerobics with Barbara - 9 March11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
9 MarchStory time - 9 March1.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
9 MarchTai Chi with Karl - 9 March2pmOn Microsoft Teams
9 MarchGuessing Game - 9 March3pmOn Microsoft Teams
9 MarchZumba Exercise Class with Herbie - 9 March7.30pmOn Zoom
Meeting ID - 899 4665 9621
Passcode - 893146
10 MarchExercise session with Jason - 10 March9.30amOn Microsoft Teams
10 MarchStory time - 10 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
10 MarchLets get moving - 10 March 10amOn Microsoft Teams
10 MarchELF Physical Activity Session - 3 March (For adults with learning difficulties)11amOn Microsoft Teams
10 MarchSupple strength with Jason - 10 March11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
10 MarchTotal body workout with Jason - 10 March12.45pmOn Microsoft Teams
10 MarchParenting programme1pmEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
10 MarchKnit and natter - 10 March2.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
10 MarchZumba gold with Michelle - 10 March2.45pmOn Microsoft Teams
11 MarchStory time - 11 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
11 MarchYoga with Cathy - 11 March11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
11 MarchLittle Rhyme Makers - 11 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
11 MarchCreative fun - 11 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
11 MarchLEAN Living (12 weeks) - 11 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
11 MarchYoung at heart quiz - 11 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
11 MarchLine dancing with Ken - 11 March2.30pmOn Microsoft Teams
11 MarchZumba Exercise Class with Herbie - 11 March7.30pmOn Zoom
Meeting ID - 899 4665 9621
Passcode - 893146
12 MarchGetting started - 12 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
12 MarchStory time - 12 March10.30amOn Microsoft Teams
12 MarchSupple strength with Jason - 12 March11.30amOn Microsoft Teams
12 MarchBaby massage1pm(Invite only)
Email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk
12 MarchMusic Quiz - 12 March1pmOn Microsoft Teams
13 MarchLEAN Living (12 weeks) - 13 March10amOn Microsoft Teams
14 MarchLEAN Living (8 weeks)11am and 3pmEmail healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk


Online events details Toggle accordion

Baby massage

Come and get to know your baby in a calm, quiet environment. You can learn more about your baby while relaxing together. For more information email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk.

Chair exercise

Join in with basic exercises, using a chair, to keep you fit and active.

Card making

Join Angela and learn how to make cards for your loved ones.

Creative fun

An online session for you and your child to gain ideas for activities using equipment and resources around the house, while spending special time together. For a list of equipment please visit our support groups page.

Coffee morning

Join our coffee morning, have a catch up with a cuppa, chat to old friends and make new ones.


Bring your dancing shoes to learn a few basic steps with Ken and have a catch up.

Early Years Cocoon

Interactive sessions including singing, phonics and stories for families via Zoom. A great opportunity to come together and continue to build a sense of community using an online free platform. Aimed at children under 4. For more information and to sing up, please email EarlyYearsCocoon@gmail.com.

Get crafty with recycled goods

Making things from recycled goods that are in your home, come and get crafty with us and create something special - this time a bag made from an old T-shirt.


An eight week online course to gain and improve your knowledge of healthy exercise and nutrition in the really young. For information email healthy.lifestyles@lbbd.gov.uk.

HENRY - Starting Solids workshop

Join us at an online Starting Solids workshop to help you get your baby off to a great start. The workshop will help you decide when your baby is ready to try solid food, what foods to start with, when your baby is hungry and when they’ve had enough and how to make mealtimes an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Hiit sessions

Using body weight exercises that work a lot of the muscles at once, this class will help you burn more calories in less of the time.

The Hug Support Group

This is a friendly space where we care about parents' well-being. We can help you with:

  • finding new parents friends
  • weaning/Introducing solid foods
  • making the parent journey a little more fun!
  • breastfeeding
  • mental health
  • isolation and loneliness
  • parents information in Barking & Dagenham
  • relationship Issues

and much more. Come join us! We can't wait to meet you! Join our local parent meetings and our WhatsApp Group by contacting us at TheHugBarking@gmail.com.

Kick boxing

Using drills and techniques straight out of the world of the martial arts learn to punch, kick and strike your way to fitness.

Knit and natter / Crochet

Bring your knitting / crochet needles with your cuppa and learn basic skills, share ideas and have a chat with friends and or make new ones.

LEAN Beans

Learning, Exercise and Nutrition! Aimed at families with children aged 5 to 12 years. Six week family healthy lifestyles programme, with topics including fats and snacks, physical activity. Fact sheets and worksheets will be available for each session which will support your families learning.

Topics and dates:

  1. What it means to be healthy - 14 January 2021
  2. Portion sizes and wholegrains - 21 January 2021
  3. Sugars - 28 January 2021
  4. Fats and Snacks - 4 February 2021
  5. Physical Activity - 11 February 2021
  6. Quiz - 18 February 2021

Links to the specific day are in the main online events timetable above.

LEAN Living

Learning, Exercise and Nutrition! Adult weight management 8 and 12 week programmes. Timetable for Topics below (links to the specific day are in the main online events timetable above). For the 8 week course you must start in week one. The 12 week courses can be started at anytime as they are rolling programmes.

Lean Living programme schedule

12 week programme:

  1. Key to healthy eating 
  2. Get your HR up 
  3. Food is fuel 
  4. What are your external triggers?
  5. Build your strength 
  6. Breakfast benefits 
  7. Fats under the spotlight 
  8. Understand your internal triggers
  9. Make every day active 
  10. Make meals matter 
  11. Sugars under the spotlight 
  12. Eat out and party

8 week programme:

  1. Goal setting and motivation
  2. Sugars and fats
  3. Food groups and exercise
  4. Eating patterns and the importance of breakfast and water
  5. Triggers and rewards
  6. Physical activity
  7. Dining out and setbacks
  8. Programme recap and looking ahead

Little Rhyme Makers

For 0 to 5 years old. A music and movement group for children and their mums, dads and carers to sing, share music, make friends and learn language together.

Look, Listen and Learn

Look, Listen and Play is a group to help target early attention and listening skills and help develop and build on early communication skills, particularly in children with additional needs.

Made in Dagenham project

Come and join us and add to the Made in Dagenham project what life was like when you first moved into the area and what has changed.

Play and Learn workshop

This workshop is for parents/carers to look at how communication develops and how you can support your child’s communication through everyday strategies and the importance of sharing books and singing.

Story time

An online session for children and their parents to listen to a story and sing some songs together. With tips for activities to continue with after the session that also incorporate the story. Sharing books from birth helps children to learn to read later.

Supple strength

Help increase flexibility and strengthen muscles using your own body weight and moves from the holistic worlds of Yoga and Pilates.

Tai Chi

Join our live session and help strengthen your upper and lower body and increase flexibility with Karl.

Total body workout

This fun and dynamic class will keep your whole body fit and strong.

Virtual cooking

A fun online cookery group for you and your child to gain new skills and make healthy meals and snacks together as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. For ingredients please visit the support groups page.

When we were young

Join us and discuss what is was like growing up, what is different now?

Yoga with Cathy

Join our live Yoga session helping you physically, mentally and spiritually with Cathy.

Young at heart quiz / Music quiz

Join our Young at Heart quiz every week there is something different, get your thinking caps on and give it a go.

Zumba Gold

Join our very own Michelle, have a catch up and dance away to some of your favourite Zumba tracks.

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Pen to Print Creative Writing Programme

We’re passionate about helping people discover what their stories are through free competitions, events, classes and initiatives. See the Pen to Print website for events information.