Support, day services and employment

There are a number of ways that people with learning or physical disabilities, or sight or hearing loss, can take part in a range of daytime activities.

The Life Planning Team

The Life Planning Team are here to help you decide what kind of care, support and services you need, and to help you organise it. We can help you to plan your care and support and help to arrange services.

Art therapy

Making art can help you to express yourself and communicate feelings that are hard to put into words. You can look at your art with a specially trained art therapist in a safe and confidential environment, and think about ways of dealing with your difficulties

Art therapy can help you to tell stories, express yourself, deal with feelings, increase your confidence and solve problems.

British Association of Art Therapists

You don't have to be "good" at drawing or painting to make art. You can simply express yourself, experiment with different kinds of art, and have fun.

Art therapy can

  • increase your self confidence and independence
  • help you to communicate
  • give you a new way to express yourself
  • offer you a safe way to release bottled up emotions like frustration and anger
  • help you to explore confusing, overwhelming or even frightening thoughts and feelings
  • provide you with a record of your sessions, shown through the art you have made; and
  • teach you more about yourself

People will only see your art if you want them to. The art you make could be a private part of your emotional journey, or something you want to share with others.

Art therapy sessions

You will begin your art therapy with 6 sessions. This will give you and your art therapist time to decide whether it is right for you, and what kind of help you need.

If you decide to carry on, you can choose between having individual or group therapy. The individual sessions last for one hour, and the group ones last for an hour and a half.

You will be in a safe, comfortable environment with lots of different materials for drawing, painting and sculpture.

Your art therapist will watch and support you. They will encourage you with your work and help you to explore your feelings.


Adult Social Care

020 8227 29153

Heathlands day centre

Day centres offer fun and educational day time activities. Below gives you information on one of the day centres that offer these fun educational activities. 

Heathlands is a community based service offering day opportunities to adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities, and Autism. It helps you to maintain your family relationships and feel independent in living at home. 

To use this service you will need to be referred by staff in the Life Planning Team.

Heathlands centre is fully accessible and has a number of facilities such as:

fully equipped multi-sensory room

  • art room
  • music room
  • physio room
  • soft play room
  • accessible kitchen
  • outside activity area with soft surfacing and gazebos

The Heathlands centre offers a ‘welcome to our world’ (WOW) service that has been specially designed for people with autism. They also offer a weekend service that can provide day opportunities on Saturdays and Sundays. We have arranged this so carer’s can have a short break for a weekend.


Heathlands Day Centre, Heathway, Dagenham, RM10 7SE

020 8227 5921

Support into employment

If you have a disability, you might need support or additional equipment so you can do your job. Help is available whether you are working, looking for work, or about to start work. If you qualify, access to work might be able to help provide you and your employer with advice and help with extra costs to make sure you can work to your full potential.

Get help at work if you’re disabled or have a health condition (Access to Work)

Construction opportunities

The council is committed to supporting local residents in accessing employment and training opportunities in construction. All major developments in the borough now include a requirement on developers, contractors and sub-contractors to provide apprenticeships and job opportunities.

Information and advice about construction apprenticeships:

Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre Plus allows you to search for a job, training and career information anywhere in the UK. 

Their staff are trained to help you find the right kind of work, whatever it is you are looking for. They can also offer help and support if you cannot work, and advice on benefits you might be eligible for.

If you have a disability you can speak to a Disability Employment Advisor (DEA). They work for Jobcentre Plus and can give you specialist support. They can tell you about suitable jobs and training programmes, and provide help and support whatever your situation is. Your DEA will help you to find work or gain new skills even if you have little or no work experience or haven't worked for a long time.

More information about looking for work if you're disabled

More information on Help finding work


Jobcentre Plus

0845 6060 234

0845 6055 255

London Vision East

London Vision East is designed to provide an effective and efficient way of ensuring that vision impaired people living in East London get the support and services they need. It is an umbrella organisation with voluntary sectors, user led representation in each of the east London boroughs.

London Vision East website