Sight and hearing loss

The sensory team, within the Enabling Independence Team provide a service for people with a sight and/or hearing loss.

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Sensory service

We offer information, advice and guidance, orientation and mobility training, hearing aid management training and some assistive equipment/aids; if needed this could help you to manage your sight and/or hearing loss independently.

What to do if you are worried about your hearing or sight

If you are worried about your sight or hearing, please visit your doctor or optician. You can also use the following NHS online resources.

To make a referral to the Sensory Team

You may self-refer, or ask a friend or relative, Doctor or Optician, Audiologist or Ophthalmologist to refer you to our services.

Post: Disability Service Sensory Team, Dagenham Library F01 1 Church Elm Lane Dagenham RM10 9QS

Telephone: 020 8227 2915


Please provide your full name and address, date of birth, the reason for the referral and any medical evidence (such as Certificate of Visual Impairment and/or Audiogram) if possible.


When we receive a copy of your Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) or Audiogram we will register your sight and/or hearing loss with LBBD and send you a Registration Card with a Letter offering you a home visit to assess your needs. This registration is voluntary, and you may add or remove your name at any time. Guidance: Certificate of Visual Impairment

Registration of sight and/or hearing loss

If you are registered as sight impaired/partially sighted, severely sight impaired/blind, deaf or hard of hearing, you may be able to claim certain benefits.  For example, you may be entitled to a Freedom Pass, Blue Badge, Taxi Card, Personal Independent Payment (PIP) or Attendance Allowance (if over 65).  And some services offer concessions.

Getting out and about

The sensory assessment

If you have a sight and/or hearing loss that is affecting your day to day life, an assessment could help you. This could be to help with:

  • communication Needs
  • access to information and advice
  • social and emotional wellbeing
  • getting out and about
  • managing day to day living
  • employment

The outcome of this assessment will be a Support Plan which may include:

  1. Rehabilitation training such as hearing aid use and management, daily living skills, or orientation and mobility training.
  2. Referral for a Personal Budget to help fund assistance with communication needs, care needs or access to the community.
  3. Assistive technology and equipment.
  4. Information about local social groups and activities
  5. Signposting to other agencies and services.

Is it confidential?

We will treat the information you give us during your assessment as confidential. We always ask for your permission to share with other professionals providing services to meet your needs.

If you are eligible for support?

Some of your care and support needs may require additional funding. A means-tested financial assessment will be required.  This will determine whether we are able to fund some or all your services.

Meeting the Sensory Team 

The Sensory Team are available for an informal face to face contact at Barking Learning Centre or Dagenham Library as stated below, no appointment required.

Magnifier and Lighting Workshops

The magnifying and lighting workshops have been cancelled until further notice.

Deaf Drop-in service (BSL and non BSL users)   

Deaf Drop-in Service (DOCX, 117.2 KB)

Please visit Dagenham Library at the times shown below if you need information, advice or guidance related to your hearing loss or accessibility needs.

The Deaf Community Worker, Maryan Ahmed is available face to face every Tuesday at 1pm to 3pm and the Dual Sensory Worker Bernadette Wakeling is available face to face every Thursday 2pm to 4pm.

For online support, please email:

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Useful information in BSL September 2022 (PDF, 310KB)

Sensory Awareness information and events

Small Scale Events: Sensory Team Information stands

Deaf Awareness Week 1 to 7 May 2023 theme Access to Communication, 2 May 2023 Dagenham Library VRS talk in BSL and chat. BSL interpreters available.

  • National Eye Health Week – 18 – 24 September  please refer documents below for more information of how to register to attend a selection of webinars about eye care and wellbeing.

Webinar 3 - Eye on Mental Health (Word, 42KB)

Webinar 4 - Live Well See Well (Word, 42KB)

  • Day of Disability –  Dagenham Redbridge Football Club Monday 4 December 1pm until 5pm (event continues into the evening) Please refer to this IDDP flyer (Word, 1018.86 KB) for more information.

Large Scale Sensory Team Events:

  • Deaf Awareness Week 1 – 7 May 2024 Celebrate the Deaf Community

Please find more useful information with these weblinks:

Resources | Deafblind UK   

Deafblind UK | Supporting Deafblindness in the UK   

Deafblindness - Sense   

Deafblindness - Management - NHS (

  • Sight Loss Summer Event, 6 September 2023, LBBD will have an information stand at the Havering Sensory Service Event, Barking and Dagenham sensory service are providing transport for some people as needed; if you would like to add your name to the list for assistive transport, please contact Dean Apps, Rehabilitation Worker Visual Impairment, 07812999648.

Sight action Havering 6 September 2023 YMCA (DOCX, 51.96 KB)

  • VI Summer Event 2024 – details to be confirmed.