Housing Benefit

Disagree with a decision

How to dispute a Housing Benefit decision or overpayment​

Ask for an explanation (Statement of Reasons)

If you do not understand or disagree with your Housing Benefit decision you can ask for a full written explanation on how the decision was made within one calendar month of the date of the decision. We will check the decision is correct and provide a detailed explanation of how we came to the decision on your claim.

If the decision was wrong, we will correct it.

Ask us to reconsider a decision (and late reconsiderations)​

You can ask us to revise our decision giving reasons why you think it is wrong. This must be received within one calendar month of the date the decision was made. If your request is received after one month has passed from the date of the decision, you must also give reasons why your request is late. We can accept a late reconsideration up to 13 months after the original decision was made if you provide reasons why you could not dispute it within the first month.​

​A statement of reasons or reconsideration request must be from the claimant (not a third party unless there is an appointee in place) and can be submitted by completing our online form or by email to benefits@lbbd.gov.uk ​

Appeal or dispute a Housing Benefit decision

​Appealing against a decision

If you request a reconsideration and the decision is upheld (remains unchanged), you can then appeal the decision. Your appeal must be signed and dated and received no later than 13 months after the original decision was made. Your appeal will be submitted by the Council to the Tribunal Service, who will make a decision whether to overturn the original decision or uphold it.

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