When your Housing Benefit will end

We will end entitlement to Housing Benefit in these circumstances:

  • death of the person claiming Housing Benefit
  • Housing Benefit entitlement reduced to nil, for example by an increase in income
  • Housing Benefit is suspended and you fail to respond to a request for information within one calendar month
  • moving out of the borough
  • a claim for Universal Credit is made unless in a Universal Credit Housing Costs exempt category

If at any time your claim is suspended or ended, we will tell you what we have done. You can appeal against our decision to end your claim if you disagree with it.

You must tell us about any changes you think might affect your Housing Benefit. If you don’t, you may receive too much or too little benefit, which could result in an overpayment. Don’t wait for us to review your claim.

Any changes in your, your partner’s, or your household’s circumstances, must be notified within one month of the change.