Moving in and out of premises

Businesses must let the council know when they move in or out of a property in Barking and Dagenham so that they are charged the correct amount of business rates.

Moving in

You must register your business premises with the council for business rates when you move in, and let us know when you move out.

To set up your business rates account, we need information from you.

This includes:

  • date of property occupation
  • full address of the property in occupation
  • your full name, the name of any partners in the business, or your company name
  • contact details, including telephone numbers, email address, and home address (or, in the case of a limited company, the company registration number and registered office address)
  • your legal interest in the property (for example, freeholder, leaseholder or tenant) and the date this interest started
  • your landlord’s details (if you are leasing or renting the property)

Information must be provided in writing to us by email, letter or by completing a moving-in form.

Register for business rates in Barking and Dagenham

The sooner you contact us, the more monthly payments you will be given over which to pay your business rates bill.

Moving out

If you are leaving a business premises, you will need to advise us in writing.

You must tell us:

  • the date you will leave the property
  • the address of the business property you are leaving
  • contact details, including telephone numbers, email address, and address where we can contact you (it is important to supply this information as you may be due a refund of overpaid rates)
  • if you are the freeholder of the property, the name and address of the new owner, and the date ownership legally transfers to the new owner
  • if you are leasing or renting the property, your landlord’s details and the date your lease or tenancy ends

Information must be provided in writing by email or letter, or by completing a moving-out form.

Tell us you're moving out of a business premise in Barking and Dagenham

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