Support for parents

There are many reasons why a parent may at times find they are struggling with the behaviour of their children such as:

  • bereavement
  • mental health issues
  • isolation
  • English as a second language
  • strains and stresses of life

We at the YOS are here to support you through those challenging times when you may need us the most. Staff are skilled and experienced in working with parents.

The parenting support is based within the Youth Offending Service and work with parents of children who come into contact with our service through offending behaviour.  Our approach is individual, non-judgemental, Compassionate, and confidential.  We can work with you in your home, or in confidence at a location of your choice. We believe that a child who is raised in a stable family environment becomes a positive adult and to get them there, we give you, the parent, the skills, confidence and strength to get to that point.

Our Aim

Parenting interventions are designed to provide additional support to parents by:

  • Improving their relationship with their children
  • Reduce negative factors
  • Strengthen protective factors such as positive and consistent discipline and constructive supervision
  • Build self-confidence and awareness
  • Prevent children from becoming involved in the Youth Justice System and to lead productive and successful lives.

Statutory Parenting Order

In all cases involving children under 16, the court is legally required to consider imposing a Parenting Order, however, at times, this is not the most effective way of supporting a parent especially when the parent may suffer with mental health, substance misuse issues, or is already engaging with the Youth Offending Parenting Service on a voluntary basis.

Whether a Parenting Order is issued by the Court and considered appropriate is dependent on whether they believe that the parenting style is a contributing factor to the child’s offending and it is necessary for the engagement with support to address this. A parent does not have to be in court for this to be issued.

The Parenting Order can last up to 12 months and is managed by the Youth Offending Service.

Where a parent does not comply with a Parenting Order, warning letters will be issued by the Youth Offending Service Police and you could be returned to court for non-compliance. The maximum fine for breach of the order is £1000.00.

Voluntary Parenting

In most cases, parents welcome the support of the YOS Parenting Service and engage with the intervention on a voluntary basis.  They recognise their child is at risk of offending behaviour and want to do what they can to help.  Before a Parenting Order is considered, each parent will be given the opportunity to engage with the YOS Parenting Service on a voluntary basis.

Groups we run

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  • Weapons awareness
  • Why is my child stealing?
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