What is the Youth Offending Service?

The Youth Offending Service (YOS) is a multi-agency team which works with young people and families to address factors that lead to offending behaviour (age 10 to 17).

The YOS is made up of practitioners from:

  • council staff
  • police
  • London Community Rehabilitation Company
  • drug and alcohol service
  • children and adults mental health services (CAMHS).

The principle aims of the youth justice system are to:

  • prevent young people getting into crime
  • reduce the number of first-time entrants to the system
  • reduce re-offending
  • reduce the amount of young people within the youth secure estate
  • safeguard young people from harm
  • protect the public from harm
  • repair the harm caused by youth crime

The role of the YOS includes:

  • working with young people who have been convicted of offences
  • working with young people who have received out of court disposals
  • helping young people and their families at court
  • working with the parents of young people who offend
  • working with the victims of crime
  • supervising young people serving a community sentence
  • working with a young person if they’re sentenced to custody

It outlines processes that young people may become involved in and provides information to their parents or carers as well as their victims.