Find out more on fence repairs and new fences.

Demand for fencing will always exceed the resources available and there is a need for a consistent and transparent approach to manage what the council is able to deliver to its tenants. The Council has no statutory responsibility to provide fencing to tenants or to repair fencing.

We will only repair (or renew if it is beyond repair) a rear boundary fence bordering a public area. For example, if the fence forms a boundary to an amenity green, service road or an alleyway which would allow access to the back garden, as this would be deemed a security risk.

Where no fence is in place, and it is requested we will erect a post/wire to mark the boundary of a rear garden.

No front garden fencing will be renewed unless there are exceptional circumstances.

We will make safe dividing fences, front gates/fencing, but not renew. We will only remove and cart away, if, the Tenant is agreeable.

What am I responsible for as a tenant?

  • You must repair any damage to your fence caused by you, your household, your visitors, or your pets.
  • You are responsible for maintaining any fencing that is needed to keep your animal in your garden or on your property.

You must not remove, alter, or replace any boundary fence at the property without getting our written permission first this would include privet hedges or shrubs.

We may charge you for work we must carry out if you remove a boundary fence and do not replace it to a satisfactory standard.