Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support


  • Complete Change of address form if receiving Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support at old address 
  • Provide proof of new tenancy and any other changes 
  • Complete New claim if not claiming at previous address
  • Request Housing Benefit on Two Homes.

Where someone is claiming Housing Benefit then Housing Benefit on 2 homes can be paid for up to 4 weeks in the following circumstances:

  • Due to an unavoidable overlapping liability. This is where the resident has moved to the new address, but remains liable to pay rent at the previous address due to a notice period requirement. NB the resident must have moved to the new address for HB to be paid at the new address.
  • Where the move is delayed due to waiting for structural adaptions for a disability to be made at the new address. 

See our benefits and support pages for more information