Your repair responsibilities

As the leaseholder in a leasehold property, you must keep the inside of your flat in good repair, and you are responsible for the cost of all repairs to your home.

It is your responsibility to maintain and repair the following:

  • cisterns, tanks, pipes and wires which serve only your property
  • stopcocks, including those between the mains supply and pipes serving the property - if you need to repair or replace the stopcock, it is likely to disrupt the whole supply to the block temporarily; we will carry out the work if you ask us to but we will charge you a small fee.
  • non-structural walls
  • doors and frames inside the property, including other internal joinery
  • any entrance doors (and frames) which open onto a landing or corridor (not onto the outside of the building)
  • window panes (glass)
  • plaster, tiling and other wall and ceiling surfaces, and the inside surface of walls
  • any heating or hot-water services which serve only your property
  • redecorating (every seven years) including the surfaces of any window frames, sills, entrance doors and frames which open onto the outside of the building
  • any boundary walls or fences marked with a ‘T’ on the property plan
  • problems relating to condensation
  • individual heating systems and appliances
  • sanitary fittings
  • internal fixtures, fittings and equipment
  • individual store sheds, washing lines and posts in an area included in the lease plan (edged in red)

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Council house repairs

Our repair responsibilities

As the landlord, we are responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure and exterior of our leasehold properties including communal areas and services. We are also responsible for taking reasonable steps to make good any faults which affect the structure. However, under the terms of your lease you must contribute to the cost of such repair work.

Our responsibilities include the repair of:

  • cisterns, tanks, pipes, wires and drains in the property which also serve other properties, such as soil stacks or rising mains
  • gas and water pipes or electrical supply cables and wires into the block, up to but not including the meter or stopcock within your property
  • outside and inside structural or party walls (but not the inside surfaces)
  • entrance doors (and frames) which open onto the outside of the building (not onto a landing or corridor)
  • frames and sills of any windows that open out to the exterior of the building
  • roofs, chimney flues and stacks, gutters, rainwater and soil pipes, sewers, drains channels and watercourses
  • balconies, passages, landings, staircases and other shared parts of the estate
  • any TV or radio-receiving aerials installed by us or on our behalf
  • estate roads, shared gardens, car-parking areas, playgrounds and play equipment
  • walls and fences on the estate and general areas you use with others
  • storage sheds in a block or shared part of the estate
  • shared washing lines and posts
  • entryphone or door-entry systems
  • foundations
  • lifts and lighting to shared passages, landings, staircases and other shared indoor parts of the estate