Library fees and charges

Charges for overdue items, hire of DVDs and language courses, computer use, printing and photocopying, and replacement library cards.

Overdue charges

If you return an item later than the date it is due you have to pay an overdue charge.

A daily charge of 36p per item is payable for the late return of:

  • books
  • CDs
  • language courses
  • spoken word

For the above items, there is a maximum charge per item of £11 and there are no overdue charges for anyone aged under 16 or over 60.

For DVDs and films, a rehire charge will apply for each additional week or part week an item is overdue. This applies to all library users.

You can avoid these fees if you renew borrowed items before they're overdue.

Film, DVD and language course hire

CD hire

  • Single CD £1.25 per item (3 week loan)
  • Double or box set £2.25 per set (3 week loan)

You can up to 16 items on loan at any one time

Film and DVD hire

  • £1.40 per item (1 week loan period) for children's films and documentaries
  • all other films or DVDs cost £2.40 per item (1 week loan period)

You can borrow up to four films at any one time.

Language course hire

It costs £2.00 per course (3 week loan period) and you can borrow up to 2 language courses at one time.

Computer, printing and photocopier charges

Computer use

All full library members can use the computers for free for up to 2 hours each day. If computers are available, extra time can be bought for £1.20 per hour.

Under 16s will need a library card and parent or guardian permission to use the computers when they join the library

For non-library members aged over 16, computer use will be charged at £1 for 30 minutes and £2 for an hour.

Photocopying and printing

All libraries offer a photocopying service and printing from the computers. Wi-fi printing is available at all libraries (except Marks Gate). The same charges apply for print-outs via wi-fi.

  • A4 black and white, 20p per copy
  • A4 colour, 50p per copy
  • A3 black and white, 40p per copy
  • A3 colour, £1 per copy

Replacement library cards

If you have lost or damaged your library card, you can replace it at any of our libraries.

Replacement cards cost:

  • £3.35 for adults
  • £2.35 for children, young people aged under 16 and the over 60s