Summer reading challenge

Summer Reading Challenge is a national reading scheme which takes place in libraries across the country during the summer holidays. Children are invited to join in the challenge of reading six books during this period. If they finish reading them all they are awarded a medal and a certificate. There are also small prizes along the way.

The benefits of doing the challenge include keeping up children’s reading skills over the holidays and it’s fun as it can tie into other summer holiday activities. Each year there is a different theme for the challenge.

We’re so excited to reveal the theme for the Summer Reading Challenge 2023!

Ready, Set, Read!

This year the theme is sports and games. Get Ready for a whole load of team spirit, your favourite sporting heroes, and plenty of adventure with the latest sports and games-themed book collections that are available using the links on this page.

You can take part online or in one of our Libraries.  When children reach their reading goal they will receive rewards!

This year Valence Library has teamed up with the Summer Reading Challenge and The Youth Sports Trust to offer bags of fun!  Young readers can visit Valence Library, and borrow items such as giant dice, wobble boards and egg and cup games for a week at a time.

Summer Reading Challenge