Communal bins for flats

Recycling information and bin collections for managed properties

Information for developers and managing agents

Landlords and managing agents

If you are a landlord or managing agent, you are responsible for ensuring that waste from your property is disposed of correctly.

As a landlord you must make sure that the property has the correct number of bins for the people living there and there is enough space for the bins.

Waste facility provisions should be agreed during the planning application process.

We recommend that you give all new tenants information about recycling and rubbish collections. This can help to avoid problems for them, their neighbours and you.

You should give information regarding:

Ordering communal Eurobins

Property Managers are required to hire Eurobins from Barking and Dagenham. The current hire charges for Euro bins are £155 per year.

If you hire the bins from us, we take the responsibility for the maintenance and replacement of damaged bins.

Use our online form to get a quote for hiring new bins for a facility. You can also use the form to request the removal/replacement of damaged or stolen bins.

Request a quote for communal bins

Please note that it will take 6 weeks to deliver your bins from when an order is received.

Emptying communal Eurobins

The council can only empty Eurobins that meet the same specifications as those we provide and have been pre-approved for use in a development.

These should be 1100L capacity Eurobins with dimensions (H: 1475mm x D: 980mm x W: 1250mm).

The council will not be able to empty Eurobins where rubbish dumped around the bin store or bin storage area is preventing access to the bins.

Landlords or managing agents must clear any rubbish dumped around the bin store or storage area caused by inadequate bin provision or residents misusing bins.

Planners and Developers

Please review our planning advice notes which will give you an idea of waste and recycling provisions in new and refurbished residential developments.

The notes provide useful guidance for:

  • planners
  • developers
  • architects
  • facility managers

Setting up collections for a new development

Developers or managing agents must contact Waste Operations at least 4 weeks before residents move into the development to ensure that waste and recycling collections are scheduled.

We will need the following information:

  • name of managing agent
  • full address(es) of the development
  • number of dwellings
  • expected date of occupancy
  • details of bin store or bin storage location. If possible, provide site plan showing location.
  • information on access to the bin store or storage area. If access to the bins will require a key or electronic fob you will need to supply copies of these to Waste Operations Team.

A site visit will evaluate access and bin storage capacity prior to scheduling refuse and recycling collection.