What green garden waste we do and don't collect

Garden waste we collect

We collect the following garden waste items: 

  • cut flowers 
  • weeds 
  • leaves 
  • grass cuttings 
  • hedge trimmings 
  • twigs 

Garden waste we don't collect

If you have any of these in your bin, we won't empty it:

  • fruit fall
  • plastic
  • soil
  • stones and rubble
  • general household waste
  • food waste (including fruit and vegetable peelings)
  • plastic bags

If you put items that are not acceptable into your green bin, we will not be able to empty it and we won't arrange a missed collection.  A contamination tag will be placed on the bin explaining that we have not been able to collect, asking that the contaminated items be removed. Photographic evidence may be taken. If your bin is regularly filled with non-green waste, we reserve the right to cease collections and remove the bin permanently, without a refund.