Application process

There are 13 stages to the right to invest application process. Every time we write or communicate with you we will tell you how much time you have to provide the information being requested.

A number of these time periods are legally fixed, and if you miss any deadlines it may mean that you have to start the process again from the beginning irrespective of what stage you have reached.

If every stage of the application process is completed as quickly as possible, the shortest time frame to complete the shared ownership of your property is 12 weeks.  However, it can take up to six months.


  1. You submit an expression of interest in taking up tenant shared ownership.
  2. We send you indicative costs and an application form.
  3. You complete the application form and return it to us.
  4. We do a qualification check and affordability assessment, and write to you with the outcome.
  5. If you meet the criteria we request your permission to get a valuation of your property (if you do not qualify, this is the end of the process).
  6. You return the permission form, and we get a valuation of your property and reassess your affordability based on the accurate figure.
  7. If you pass the second affordability assessment we will send you an informal offer (if you do not qualify, this is the end of the process).
  8. You then need to send us evidence of your income and finances.
  9. Once we receive that and it’s checked we will invite you to a meeting.
  10. At the meeting we will give you a formal offer, and discuss the costs of your various share options.
  11. Following the meeting you can seek independent advice and you must get a solicitor and arrange your mortgage.
  12. You must send us a signed acceptance of the formal offer, confirming your share decision and provide details of your solicitor and mortgage company.
  13. When we receive this we will complete all final paperwork, issue a memorandum of sale and liaise with your solicitor, which will complete the process.