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Visitor's parking permits and vouchers

The parking permits system has changed

To buy virtual Visitor Vouchers, please create a new resident visitor account on the new permit system.

If you live in a controlled parking zone you can buy visitor's permits online to allow your visitors to park in a resident permit bay or a shared-use bay for 4 hours or a full day.

Any payment made for permits is not refundable.

Set up a permit account and buy visitors vouchers

New permit system guide - How to setup and buy Visitor Vouchers (PDF, 384KB)

What you'll need to buy a visitor parking permit

All you need is:

  • proof of address in form of council tax bill, utility bill (electricity, gas or water), bank or building society statement
  • your visitor’s vehicle registration number
  • the date they will be staying
  • and how long they will be staying for.

You can activate the permit when your visitor is actually parking up or you can do it in advance if you know the date and time that your visitor is arriving.

Virtual visitor voucher prices

  • 4 hours: £0.75
  • 1 day: £1.38