Discretionary Financial Support Schemes

Discretionary Council Tax Relief (DCTR)

Support for residents who are liable to pay Council Tax and are experiencing financial hardship.

Discretionary Hardship Support Policy (PDF, 839.24KB)

If you're struggling to pay your Council Tax, you may be eligible for Discretionary Council Tax relief (DCTR) if you have a current liability to pay Council Tax in this borough.

DCTR is made from a separate fund with a limited budget, is fully funded by the council and is a short-term measure to help those in difficult circumstances get back on track.

The purpose of DCTR is to relieve people in particular need of the requirement to meet all, or part of, their liability to pay the Council Tax.

Council Tax is a priority debt; residents are therefore obliged to treat their liability as taking precedence over personal expenditure not related to the cost of living including credit cards, loans, vehicle expenses, social and leisure costs.

Support may be provided against

  • Council Tax arrears
  • ongoing Council Tax costs (emergency circumstances with no affordability)

The Council have launched one online application form for all current discretionary funding schemes (paper forms are available upon request).

The Council Welfare service currently administers and operates four discretionary funding schemes:

  • Discretionary Council Tax Relief Scheme (DCTR)
  • Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)
  • Individual Assistance Payment (IAP) (Local Hardship)
  • Household Support Fund (HSF).

Applications received will be considered for all eligible funding. The online application form can also be treated as a claim for Council Tax Support and Free School Meals where there is eligibility and entitlement unless you do not wish to receive these additional benefits.