Pet sales

A licence is required for all commercial selling of pets, including:

  • the import, distribution and sale of animals
  • pet shops
  • selling animals over the internet
  • selling animals from private homes

You do not need a licence to sell the offspring of your own pets (as long as you do not meet the criteria for requiring a licence as a dog breeder), or to sell pedigree animals that you have bred.

In the licence application you will be required to make a declaration that you have read and are familiar with the requirements of the Guidance notes for conditions for selling animals as pets.

Guidance notes for conditions for selling animals as pets (PDF, 438 KB)

Before a licence is granted your premises will be inspected to ensure that you can comply with those conditions.

Apply for animal activity license

Pet vending licence application form (PDF, 145 KB)

Supporting documentation to be submitted with applications

Selling Animals as Pets: Required procedures and records to be kept (PDF, 287KB)