School place planning information

Information on the commissioning of school places

Commissioning School Places and the Pupil Place Plan in Barking and Dagenham 2023 to 2030

This document provides information on:

  • the current organisation of school places, the existing capacities in schools and the number of pupils attending those schools
  • forecasts of future pupil numbers and how any increases are planned to be addressed

This will help the council, schools, promoters, parents and local communities understand the need for school places and establish future demand.

Commissioning School Places in LBBD 2023-2030 - Cover (DOCX, 176.6 KB)

LBBD and small map of other LAs - ward context (PDF, 2.34 MB)

Commissioning School Places in Barking and Dagenham 2023-2037 Contents (DOCX, 28.21 KB)

Planning areas for primary schools July 2023 (PDF, 1001.55 KB)

Planning areas for secondary schools July 2023 (PDF, 993.35 KB)

Commissioning School Places in LBBD 2023-30 - data sets (XLSX, 266.38 KB)