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Dropped kerbs (footway crossings)

Dropped kerbs (sometimes known as footway crossings or vehicle crossovers) allow you to drive a vehicle from the street over the footway onto your driveway. If you drive over the footway but do not have dropped kerb, you are breaking the law and enforcement action could be taken against you.

Approval guidance

Read the approval guidance before making your application. You must meet our criteria before permission for a dropped kerb to be built is given:

  • we do not approve applications where there is already a full 3.6 metre dropped kerb
  • housing approval will be required if your property is owned by the council and this will be processed as part of your application for a dropped kerb
  • if your hard surface will be over 5 square metres;
    • it must be made of porous materials or drained so that the water runs off into a soft landscaped or grassed area within your garden - if not, you may require planning permission
    • it must not drain onto the public road or footpath

Application and fee

There is a non-refundable application fee of £159, which must be paid before your application is complete. Make sure you have read the approval criteria before paying your application fee.

To apply, you must be signed in to your My Account. If you don’t have one, you can create a My Account.

Dropped kerb application form

After a successful application

If your application is successful you will need to pay the full fee.

Pay online

Pay for a dropped kerb online

Pay by phone

You can use your credit or debit card to pay by calling us between 9am and 6pm. When prompted, state dropped kerb. You will be connected to a member of staff who will take your payment details. Call us on 020 8215 3000.

Pay in person

You can pay in person by using the Scan Coin facility at Dagenham Library.

If you want to pay in instalments Toggle accordion

Paying in instalments will incur additional fees. You will need complete the dropped kerb application form and pay the relevant deposit of £185 for dropped kerbs under £1,000 and £285 for dropped kerbs over £1,000.

The minimum qualifying value for a service is £500. Instalments can be spread over either a 6 month period, or a maximum repayment period of 12 months. Residents wishing to take advantage of a payment plan must set up a direct debit.

Examples of costs if paid in instalments

Typical standard crossing example 1

  • £639.70 cost of dropped kerb
  • £35 admin and processing fee
  • £41.58 charge for the facility (6.5% of overall cost)
  • £716.28 total cost of dropped kerb with payment plan

£76.58 difference between upfront payment and payment by instalments

Typical standard crossing example 2

  • £1,000 cost of dropped kerb
  • £35 admin and processing fee
  • £65 charge for the facility (6.5% of overall cost)
  • £1,100 total cost of dropped kerb with payment plan

£100 difference between upfront payment and payment by instalments

First instalment due date

The first instalment will be due 21 days after the invoice for the service is issued and monthly thereafter. The payments will be collected via direct debit.

Missed payments

If an instalment is missed, the entire payment plan will be cancelled and the amount outstanding will be due immediately.

Initial upfront payment

Each payment plan will be charged a one off, upfront administration fee of £35. The charge applies to each payment plan taken out with the council.

The upfront payment amount will be determined by the overall cost of the service:

  • £150 + £35 admin fee if the invoice is between £500 to £999
  • £250 + £35 admin fee if the invoice is over £1,000

All payment plans will be subject to a 6.5% charge on the overall cost of the goods or services. The charge reflects our costs incurred by offering payment plans. This charge will be spread over the payment plan.

Pay the upfront payment online

Ensure you pay the correct upfront instalment fee as failure to do so will result in a delay in setting up your instalment plan. From the list of payment options, select Payments by Instalments, then Dropped Kerbs.

Pay dropped kerb upfront payment


Once you've paid the upfront payment online, complete our set up form to set up an instalment payment plan, and email it to the address on the form.

Dropped kerb instalment form

After application

This part of the process usually takes around 5 weeks.

You will receive an invoice and instructions on how to setup a direct debit with your bank. Once this is setup and the first payment has been made, we will progress your application and raise a work order to the contractor depending on whether your hardstanding is complete, there are no obstructions such as fences, walls, lamp columns and trees and have received approval if it’s a council property.

Reduced rate applications Toggle accordion

This form is only to be used if you have received a letter from us offering a reduced rate.

Reduced rate dropped kerb application form

Dropped kerb grant scheme Toggle accordion

To be eligible for a dropped kerb grant you must be over the age of 18 and have substantial difficulty in your mobility. You must have an appropriate hard standing (driveway) in place on your property as the grant will only cover the cost of a dropped kerb.

Apply for a dropped kerb grant

Access marking (white T-bar) Toggle accordion

Residents can apply for a white access T-bar to be painted on the road across the extent of a dropped kerb to highlight the area of the vehicle crossing and deter inconsiderate parking. Access T-bars will only be installed in streets where there are no parking bays or restrictions.

The cost of providing a 'T' bar marking is £345. This fee covers the cost of arrangement and for a contractor to carry out the work.

White T-bar access marking application form

Report an obstruction of your dropped kerb Toggle accordion

The markings are advisory, but where a vehicle parks across any dropped kerb without the permission of the property owner/occupier, a penalty charge notice can be issued.

We can only enforce this offence after a complaint has been received, because you can someone permission to park there, so we need to know if someone is parked there without your consent.

Report a dropped kerb obstruction

Report illegal front garden parking Toggle accordion

It is an offence under Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980 to drive a vehicle across the kerb and pavement to gain access to a property if a properly constructed dropped kerb is not in place.

You can report illegal front garden parking online and you need to be signed in to your My Account to do so. If you don’t have one, you can create a My Account.

Report illegal front garden parking

Report a vehicle overhanging from a driveway on to a pavement or road Toggle accordion

Use our form to report a vehicle overhanging a driveway on to a pavement or a road.

Report an overhanging vehicle