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Dropped kerbs (footway crossings)

Dropped kerbs (sometimes known as footway crossings or vehicle crossovers) allow you to drive a vehicle from the street over the footway onto your driveway. To do this, the kerb is dropped from the normal height and the path is strengthened to take the weight of the vehicle. Without this, the path and any pipes that are buried below it could be damaged. If you drive over the footway but do not have dropped kerb, you are breaking the law and enforcement action could be taken against you.

If you live in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) and hold a valid permit you are allowed to park over a dropped kerb outside your house as long as you're not blocking anyone else, such as wheelchair, pram users or motorist. You will not be permitted to park across any other dropped kerb.

If a vehicle parks illegally over your dropped kerb (outside your house), please call the Parking team on 020 8227 3097, so they can attend the location to enforce on the vehicle.

Approval guidance

Dropped kerb approval guidance (PDF, 155KB)

Read the approval guidance before making your application. You must meet our criteria before permission for a dropped kerb to be built is given:

  • we do not approve applications where there is already a full 3.6 metre dropped kerb
  • housing approval will be required if your property is owned by the council and this will be processed as part of your application for a dropped kerb
  • if your hard surface will be over 5 square metres;
    • it must be made of porous materials or drained so that the water runs off into a soft landscaped or grassed area within your garden - if not, you may require planning permission
    • it must not drain onto the public road or footpath

This diagram is only a guide

Straight parking - this diagram is based on a property that does not have a bay window. If you have a bay window or porch you must have 4.5 metres from the bay or porch if it is in the parking area. 

Alternative dimensions will only be considered for angled parking and then the minimum depth is 3.8 metres.

Footway crossing

Application and fee

To apply for a dropped kerb you’ll need to complete the application form and then pay a non-refundable fee of £178. Instructions on how to pay the fee are in the form.

Dropped kerb approval guidance (PDF, 150KB)

Please ensure you’ve read the approval criteria before paying the fee.

Dropped kerb application form

Pay after a successful application

If your application is successful you must pay the full fee before your dropped kerb installation can start.

Pay online

Pay for a dropped kerb  

Pay in instalments

COVID-19 - If you cannot make payments that are due and are experiencing difficulty as a result of a reduction in your income, illness or caring responsibilities, please contact us by emailing income@lbbd.gov.uk or call 0208 227 3597. 

COVID-19 support, information and advice 

Paying in instalments will incur additional fees. You must complete the dropped kerb application form and pay the initial payment of £185 for dropped kerbs under £1,000 and £285 for dropped kerbs over £1,000.

The minimum qualifying value for instalments is £500. Instalments can be spread over either a 6 or 12 months, payable by standing order.

Examples of costs if paid in instalments

Typical standard crossing example 1 - under £1000

  • £999 cost of dropped kerb
  • £64.94 charge for the facility (6.5% of overall cost)
  • £1,063.94 total cost of dropped kerb with payment plan
  • £64.93 difference between upfront payment and payment by instalments

Deposit of £185 is required as it under £1,000 and will be deducted from £1,063.94

Typical standard crossing example 2 - over £1000

  • £9,999 cost of dropped kerb
  • £649.94 charge for the facility (6.5% of overall cost)
  • £1,100 total cost of dropped kerb with payment plan
  • £649.93 difference between upfront payment and payment by instalments

Deposit of £285 is required as it over £1,000 and will be deducted from £9,999

First instalment due date

The first instalment will be due 21 days after the invoice for the service is issued and monthly thereafter. Payments should be made by standing order, please contact the General Income Section to discuss this:

General Income Team

Revenue Services
Town Hall
1 Town Hall Square
IG11 7LU

Initial payment

Each payment plan will be charged an administration fee of £35.

The initial payment amount will be determined by the overall cost of the service:

  • £150 deposit + £35 administration fee if the invoice is between £500 to £999
  • £250 deposit + £35 administration fee if the invoice is £1,000 or more

All payment plans will be subject to a 6.5% finance charge on the overall cost of the dropped kerb. The charge reflects our costs incurred by offering payment plans. This charge will be spread over the payment plan.

Missed payments

If an instalment is missed, the entire payment plan will be cancelled and the amount outstanding will be due immediately.

Pay for dropped kerb  

If you pay for a dropped kerb using your My B&D Account, you'll be able to view the progress of your payment. My Account allows you to manage your council services at any time. If you don’t have one, you can create a My B&D Account.

After application

This part of the process usually takes around 5 weeks.

You will receive an invoice and instructions on how to setup a standing order with your bank. Once this is setup and the first payment has been made, we will progress your application and raise a work order to the contractor depending on whether your hardstanding is complete, there are no obstructions such as fences, walls, lamp columns and trees and have received approval if it’s a council property.

Access marking (white T-bar)

Residents can apply for a white access T-bar to be painted on the road across the extent of a dropped kerb to highlight the area of the vehicle crossing and deter inconsiderate parking. Access T-bars will only be installed in streets where there are no parking bays or restrictions.

The cost of providing a 'T' bar marking is £372. This fee covers the cost of arrangement and for a contractor to carry out the work.

To apply for a white access T-bar, please complete the below form.

Apply for a highways licence or permit form 

For further information you can read the full terms and conditions for a white access T-bar on our highways licensing terms and conditions page.

Report an obstruction of your dropped kerb

White line markings adjacent to your dropped kerb are advisory, but where a vehicle parks across a dropped kerb without the permission of the property owner/occupier, a penalty charge notice can be issued if the vehicle is preventing entry to or exit from your driveway.

We can only enforce this offence after a complaint has been received, as you can give someone permission to park across your dropped kerb, so we need to know if someone is parked there without your consent.

The above does not apply to dropped kerbs adjacent to yellow line markings or zigzags, as these restrictions are always in force..

Report a dropped kerb obstruction

It is an offence under Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980 to drive a vehicle across the kerb and pavement to gain access to a property if a properly constructed dropped kerb is not in place.

You can report illegal front garden parking online and you need to be signed in to your My Account to do so. If you don’t have one, you can create a My B&D Account.

Report illegal front garden parking

Report a vehicle overhanging from a driveway on to a pavement or road

Use our form to report a vehicle overhanging a driveway on to a pavement or a road.

Report an overhanging vehicle

Appeal your application decision

If you wish to appeal the decision of your vehicle crossing application, please email footwaycrossings@lbbd,gov.uk with the subject heading 'Appeal - Footway Crossing - Property Address of the footway crossing application'.

No discussion can be entered into with any third parties regarding a Drop Crossing Application or Appeal without the applicant’s prior written permission.

Please ensure details relating to your appeal are clearly stated to assist us in the review process of your application. The Network Manager for Highways will then review and determine your appeal in line with the councils Front Garden Parking Criteria applicable at the time of your application submission.

Please note, appeals received contesting item 10 of the criteria will be forwarded to our Parking Services Team for review, decision and a response.

Your appeal must be received within 3 months from the date on your denial letter, appeals received after this date will not be accepted.

The decision at the appeal stage is final, if your appeal is rejected your case will be closed.

Once your case is closed we are not able to accept any further correspondence regarding your appeal decision. This includes via general enquiries, members enquiries, members of parliament enquiries or through the Council complaints process.

We will provide a response with 28 days from receipt of your appeal.