Creating places we are proud of

Our neighbourhoods are the beating heart of the borough and we are committed to ensuring that we create resilient and safe neighbourhoods through our ‘place-shaping ambitions.’ We will work with residents to understand their concerns about safety (especially safety for the elderly, women and girls) and take the necessary steps to create day and night-time environments that offer safety and security ‘by design’. By utilising our available land, we can design and develop aspiration destinations which offer family-friendly days out that appeal to residents and visitors alike.

Our priorities

Our priorities for creating places we are proud of are:

  • reduce Anti -Social behaviour and  make public spaces / Neighbourhoods  safer
  • create local places that celebrate the diversity and richness of our culture and heritage
  • deliver the physical and  social infrastructure  to support growth in the Borough
  • develop and deliver visions for  aspiration zones across the borough​
  • create a  well - presented  Borough

What are the potential benefits to residents?

A safer and welcoming Borough which celebrates our unique culture as told through our social and built heritage.  By investing in our green spaces and social infrastructure, our current and future residents will feel proud to call Barking and Dagenham home. 

What are the potential benefits to local Businesses?

By visioning and creating ‘zonal areas’ centred around the film industry, cultural and heritage  , we can create exciting local destinations for our residents and visitors. This will boost the local economy and stimulate growth.