Inclusive Growth 2022 to 2026

Creating a thriving and inclusive economy

We are committed to doing everything we can to build economic capacity and resilience and improve the prospects of all residents (including the most vulnerable) . We aim to improve economic performance and harness the growth opportunities that arises from our people, land and location. This will ensure that the borough has a dynamic roadmap to meet its full economic potential in the medium to long term. We aim to provide support to local businesses as well as attract new businesses to the area which, in turn, will create a wealth of new employment opportunities, including for vulnerable residents and those who are new to the labour market.

Our priorities

The priorities for creating a thriving and inclusive economy are:

  • secure better jobs and development opportunities for residents in growth areas including the film, food and construction sectors
  • improve pay, job quality and standards in the care sector
  • harness the potential of the green economy
  • create more apprenticeships and internships for local people
  • support low paid and out of work residents to access new opportunities (including the long term unemployed and people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions)
  • use our procurement powers to generate local business and community benefits
  • improve local business space and support

What are the potential benefits to residents

Support for unemployed residents ( including the most vulnerable ) , more opportunities for training and apprenticeships , more opportunities for employment in growth areas such as the emerging food and film sector.

What are the potential benefits to local Businesses?

More procurement opportunities with the Council and other partners , additional support and help for local businesses and entrepreneurs to meet the needs of the community and access local talent, more modern business spaces available to rent.