What happens next


Planning applications can be granted subject to one or more conditions, depending on the type or nature of the application. Conditions can be restrictive or require the submission of details.

Providing the most details you can at the start of an application will help to reduce the number of conditions on any resulting planning permission which would need to be dealt with post-application.

Standard conditions

The Development Management Team often makes use of standard conditions, in addition to non-standard conditions. A list of the council’s standard conditions is available below:

Standard conditions (PDF, 74.57 KB)

Compliance or discharge of planning conditions

Many of the conditions imposed will require details to be submitted and approved in writing by the local planning authority. A planning fee is required for written confirmation of compliance or discharge of any condition imposed on a planning application. The fee will be required for each submission.

We will aim to give a decision in writing within eight weeks of the submission.

Common reasons planning application may be returned as invalid

  • incorrect payment (51%) use the fee calculator to avoid this
  • missing or incorrect plans (10%)
  • missing or incorrect form (7.5%)
  • missing or incorrect drawing (4%)