Street naming and numbering

Approved Names List

Barking and Dagenham Council maintain an Approved Names List for new streets and buildings.

We want to make our list more representative of LBBD, so suggestions of people with strong, positive links to the borough – reflective of its diverse community and history will be gratefully received.

Approved Names List 2024 (PDF, 221.74 KB)

Names on the Approved Names list will still be subject to vetting by the London Fire Brigade at the point a request is made.


If you have any suggestions, please send us a written statement to support your chosen name.

All your suggestions will be considered by:

  • the Street Naming and Numbering Team
  • the Culture and Heritage Team
  • the Citizens Alliance Network
  • and the borough’s councillors

If successful, names will be added to our approved list which will be updated on an annual basis in March.

Please note, persons should usually have been deceased for at least 10 years and permission will be sought from living relatives if connected to the local area. Please see our policy for street naming and numbering guidance.