Street naming and numbering

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Be First offers a bespoke pre-engagement service for developers delivering large-scale strategic and/or multi-phased schemes, allowing for early engagement with our Street Naming and Numbering Officer. Please contact for further information regarding eligibility, pricing and what the service will provide.

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Email it to:


Post it to: Street Naming and Numbering, 5th Floor, MAKE IT Barking, 15 Linton Road, Barking IG11 8HE

The application should include the relevant plans (site location, site layout and internal floor plans), along with a clear indication of the main external entrances to each property. It should also show all mail delivery points i.e. letterboxes location. Each property must be clearly labelled.

Once your initial application is received, we will then advise you of your SNN reference number.

Pay for your application, using your SNN reference number

Alternatively, please contact us to request an invoice.



Prices from 1st Feb 2021



Naming of a new street




Naming and numbering a new development or redevelopment

£500 per building plus £125 per unit/address 

£100 per building plus £25 per unit/address

£600 per building plus £150 per unit/address

Naming or numbering a new individual property

£125 per unit/address 



Renaming or renumbering existing properties

£125 per unit/address 



Street renaming/renumbering

£1000 per street plus £125 per unit/address

£200 per street plus £25 per unit/address

£1200 per street plus £150 per unit/address

The fee for these services is for the registration and notification of the new street not the naming itself.