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Report a missed collection

You can only report a missed collection from 10pm on the scheduled collection day for your street until 6pm the following working day.

Before you report a missed bin collection please check our list of missed streets.

Reasons for missed bin collections

Missed collections can be caused by various reasons, including:

  • no road access or roadworks, in which case we'll reschedule the collection for the next working day
  • vehicle breakdowns
  • wrong materials placed in a wheelie bin, find out what items can go in your brown recycling bin
  • extra bags not fitting in a wheelie bin – the lid must close (with the exception of excess recyclable material in see-through bags or thick cardboard placed next to your brown bin)
  • bin not being placed on the property’s boundary on collection day
  • severe weather conditions
Do any of the reasons above explain why your collection was missed?

You’ll need to wait to put your bin out on your next collection date if:
  • your bin was not collected due to contamination (please remove the incorrect items)
  • your bin was not put out at the right time or in the right place
  • you had extra bags in that didn’t fit in your wheelie bin (with the exception of excess recyclable material in see-through bags or thick cardboard placed next to your bin)

For more information see our ‘what goes in your bin’ page.

Report a missed collection

Before reporting, note that we won't come back to collect your bin if:

Our collection crews record the reasons that your bin was not collected (e.g. contaminated bin, bins that aren't presented correctly and any other access issues). 

If an issue is recorded by the collection crews we will not return to collect your bin and you will need to wait for your next scheduled collection for your bin to be emptied.

I have read the above and understand the criteria for reporting a missed collections.

What missed collection do you want to report?

Collection type

Report a missed collection from a house or flat

You can complete this form inside My B&D to keep track of your report.  

If you have any problems accessing the above links, please refresh this page and try again.
Report a missed trade waste collection
Report a missed collection for a flat with a communal bin

Check the progress of an existing report

You will receive a status update but you'll only be able to chase your report if you completed the form through your My B&D account. 

To chase your report through your My B&D account, please go to your ticket history.

View the status of your existing report