Report a missed collection

If your rubbish or recycling hasn’t been collected on the day it should be, please report it online

You can only report a missed collection from 10pm on the scheduled collection day for your street until 6pm the following working day.  Before you report a missed bin collection please check our list of missed streets. If an entire street has been missed, please report this by email.

Report a missed collection from a house or flat

Report a missed communal bin collection for flats

Report a missed trade waste collection

Bin collections take place between 5am and 10pm on the scheduled bin collection day.

Before reporting, note that we won't come back to collect your bin if:

Our collection crews record the reasons that your bin was not collected (e.g. contaminated bin, bins that aren't presented correctly and any other access issues). 

If an issue is recorded by the collection crews we will not return to collect your bin and you will need to wait for your next scheduled collection for your bin to be emptied.