Register as a Safe Haven

If a member of the public is feeling intimidated or harassed, unwell or just in need of some help, they can look for the Safe Haven sign and know instantly that they can get assistance there.

Public premises such as shops, cafes, pubs, libraries and other places of interest can register to be officially known as a ‘safe haven’.

Premises display a Safe Haven sticker on their window and ensure that staff are aware of how to offer appropriate support.

Safe Haven In Case of Emergency Contact cards are available from Barking and Dagenham Council’s Community Safety Partnership Team so if someone needs assistance, they can go to the safe haven business and show their card to someone there. The card will explain who can help them (e.g., friend or relative).

Find out more about the Safe Haven scheme

Register as a Safe Haven form

Advice for Safe Haven locations

You can access our Safe Haven training slides and business pack for more information on what being a Safe Haven can do for our communities in Barking and Dagenham.

Training slides (PDF, 332.57KB)

Business_Pack (PDF, 6.45MB)

In an emergency

  • in an emergency situation (such as when someone requires urgent, medical attention or when there is a crime in progress) call 999
  • to report a crime when the situation is no longer urgent, call 101

Offer reassurance

  • make sure the person knows you are happy to help them
  • tell the person your name and your role so they know who you are
  • avoid physical contact, some people may react in unexpected ways

Speak slowly and clearly

  • this gives the person the best chance to understand what you are saying

Ask if they have their “In case of emergency” card (ICE)

  • this allows you to call their contact person if necessary
  • if you do call their contact person, ask for them to come as soon as possible
  • if they do not have an “In Case of Emergency” card (ICE) ask them if there is someone you would like them to contact. Call them and ask them to come as soon as possible

Provide support and advice

  • this may be giving directions or bus details
  • it could also be something more serious and require support if they are being bullied or harassed

Stay with the person

  • if this is possible, until their named person or emergency services arrives
  • ensure there are two staff members on ‘shift’ at the same time

Fill in the Safe Havens log

  • a member of the local authority will make contact periodically to see if you have had any cases

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