In-year admissions

How to change schools during the school year, or if you have recently moved to the borough and need a school place now

You must apply to our School Admissions Team direct, not to the schools themselves

Before you apply, read the admissions procedure and criteria outlined in our booklets below:

Apply online for a school place (In Year Hub)

We will process your application within 10 school days of receiving your application. 

If want to make any changes to your application (like your school or the order of those preferences) after submitting your application, please fill in the Change my in-year school application form.

Useful documents

Map of our schools (PDF, 537 KB)

In-year cover note for All Saints School (PDF, 80KB)

In-year Catholic primary schools supplementary information form (PDF, 60KB)

In-year Church of England supplementary information form (PDF, 120KB)

Application form to educate a child outside their normal age group including Summer Born Children (PDF, 400KB)

Deferred entry booklet 2022 (PDF, 780KB)

Deferred entry policy 2022 (PDF, 1MB)

Year 11 school places

This information applies to pupils who will be applying for a school place in Year 11. Year 11 is a crucial year when pupils take GCSE exams.

If your child has a year 11 school place we strongly advise that you do not ask for them to transfer to another school unless there are exceptional circumstances. This is because a move at this time will cause serious disruption to their education and may disadvantage them. We suggest that you should consider moving your child in exceptional circumstances only.

Many of our schools begin GCSE work in year 9. Your child may have been working to a different timeframe. Different schools use different exam boards, and the syllabus may be different. Coursework they have already done may not be relevant. The change may be a source of unnecessary stress. If you or your child has issues with their current school, we advise that you try to resolve these rather than disrupt your child’s GCSE year.

If your child does not have a year 11 school place you should apply for one as soon as possible. We coordinate admissions to all schools within the borough. There are very few vacancies at any of our schools in years 10 and 11 because it is unusual for pupils to leave during these years. We have therefore made alternative arrangements for pupils without a place at school to access suitable education elsewhere, or until a place can be found.

If we consider it appropriate, we will refer a child to suitable alternative provision. A caseworker from our admissions team will contact you as soon as possible, and discuss suitable provision with you.

Read about our alternative provision

There are other processes you must follow if:

  • your child is starting school for the first time
  • your child is starting junior school for the first time
  • your child is moving from primary or junior school to secondary school
  • your child is starting a technical and training school for the first time