School admissions

The School Admissions team processes applications for school places for children between the ages of 4 and 16.

Use our map below to see which schools are closest to your home.

Our schools 

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Choose the relevant section below and then follow the process listed in the relevant admission e-booklet. Each area lists the child’s date of birth and information about how to apply for your child’s school place. 

Other useful information

Ofsted inspects all schools and are changing the way they report this information. See the Ofsted website for more information about Ofsted reports or about the changes they are making.

Find out if your child qualifies for free school meals.

Nursey admissions

Our team does not process applications for nursery places. Instead, each of our schools process parents requests.

Please contact our Family Information Service (FIS) and they will provide you with full information for children born from today until 1 September 2019.