Council Tax Support

Disagree with a decision

Disagreeing with a decision

If you disagree with a Council Tax Support decision you can ask us to explain or reconsider it, or you can appeal to an independent tribunal.

Only a person affected by the Council Tax Support decision, or someone authorised to act on their behalf, has a right to an appeal.

If you would like someone to act on your behalf, or you have an appointee, you’ll need to give us permission to share information with them.

Ask for an explanation (statement of reasons)

If you disagree with a decision and want to know more, you can request a statement of reasons.

You can request this by either sending us an email or writing to us by post.

We’ll write to you and provide a detailed explanation of how we came to the decision on your claim.

Ask us to reconsider a decision

If you think the Council Tax Support decision is wrong you can ask us to reconsider it. You will need to explain why you think the decision is wrong and provide any extra details and evidence that may be relevant to support your request.

There is no time limit to submit a request to reconsideration of a Council Tax Support decision.

After looking at the decision again, we’ll write to you to tell you whether we think the decision was correct originally, or whether we have now changed the decision.

If we can’t change the decision and you still disagree you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service (VTS).

You must ask for a reconsideration before you can appeal to the VTS.

Appealing against a decision

If you have submitted a reconsideration and we think the decision is correct and you still disagree you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service (VTS).

You can only appeal to the VTS after one of the following:

  • the period of two months, beginning on the date your notice was received by us, has ended and you have not yet received any response from us