Street trading

You do not need a licence to display or sell goods on the private forecourt of your own shop premises, but you may not rent or otherwise permit the use of your forecourt by any other trader for the display or sale of their goods.

Street trading licences will only be granted for trade in streets designated as licence streets.  Street trading will not be permitted immediately outside Barking Station.

Mobile vehicles will only be licensed to trade from a static location. The council will require proof of the landowner’s permission where the location is on private land.

Street trading licences (shopfront and tables & chairs) are granted for a maximum period of one year. All licences expire on 30 June each year regardless of when they were granted. Licence holders who wish to continue street trading must submit a new application at least one month before the expiry of their current licences.


Fees may be paid by debit or credit card by telephoning the Street Trading Team on 020 8724 8898. 

Once an Environmental Enforcement Officer has visited and measured the shop frontage/depth, the license fee will need to be paid in full before it will be processed. You must not trade on the street until the license has been issued and is in your possession.

Fees are non-refundable.

Licences are non-transferable. 

Shopfront / tables / chairs

Street Trading priced per Square Metre and the standard charges are:

  • £100 per sq metre for the first two metres
  • £30 per sq metre for every metre thereafter

Mobile vehicle

Annual license fee - £375

Additional Fees

Street trading administration fee - £40

Street trading licence copy/reprint fee -  £25