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Disabled and Blue Badge parking

We are unable to access any postal applications at this time please try to apply online as shown below. 
We will be attempting to contact all renewals that are due to advise on options. 
We are unable to receive telephone calls at this time - Please email Mobility@lbbd.gov.uk

If you are disabled, the Blue Badge scheme helps you park closer to your destination. It provides you with a Blue Badge that helps you to park your vehicle in various parking places. We can provide parking bays for Blue Badge holders who don't have a driveway and have difficulty parking outside their home.

Blue Badge holders don't need a resident’s permit to park in resident bays in our controlled parking zones.

Blue Badge disabled parking scheme

You can get a Blue Badge if you have severe walking difficulties, are registered blind or you have severe disability in both arms and drive an adapted car.

The badge will be for you, but can be used by someone else if they are providing transport for you.

There is a £10 charge for each Blue Badge.

Apply for a Blue Badge

You can also report a lost or stolen Blue Badge or report a change that affects your Badge using the application link above.

Once you have a Blue Badge, you may be eligible for parking facilities outside your home if you have difficulty parking there and don’t have a driveway.

Council car parks

Blue Badge holders are entitled to 4 hours free parking in a designated disabled bay in our council-run car parks.

Council-run car parks


Disabled parking facilities

Drivers with a disability

To be eligible for assistance, drivers with a disability must meet all of the following criteria:

  • parking demand in the area must be so high that a parking space in close proximity to the address cannot be found for a major part of the day
  • have a permanent and substantial disability
  • must experience severe difficulty in walking, for example the driver is unable to walk further than the kerb
  • must need to drive regularly (the car must be registered at the address)
  • must be in possession of a valid Disabled Persons Parking Badge (Blue Badge)
  • must generally be unable to use public transport

People with a disability who don't drive

In order to be eligible for assistance, passengers must meet all of the following criteria:

  • household must own a car
  • must be in possession of a valid Disabled Persons Parking Badge (Blue Badge)
  • must experience severe walking difficulty in walking, for example you are unable to walk further than the kerb
  • must have a permanent and substantial disability
  • must generally be unable to use public transport

Parking bays are not provided for properties that have a dropped kerb (footway crossing), garage or any front garden parking and may not be implemented if the provision of the parking facilities constitutes a traffic hazard, involves moving street furniture or is not possible because of the proximity of an amenity green.

To install a parking bay we will consider:

  • If there is sufficient spaces for the parking bay. An inspection will be carried out to ensure space isn't restricted by infrastructure such as dropped kerbs, trees, lamp columns and utility inspection covers, as well as width of the road and footway.
  • If the parking bay will impact upon other parking needs in the immediate area for visitors, businesses and visitors.
  • Are there other parking bays nearby. Bays aren't allocated to a specific blue badge holder, so the use of other nearby bays may be sufficient.
  • Are there any planned developments or Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in the area which could affect the parking bay.


Disabled Parking bays are for holders of a valid blue badge only. If a vehicle is parked within a disabled bay without a blue badge then the motorist is liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

Apply for a domestic carers permit Toggle accordion

If you receive home visits from a carer and you live within a controlled parking zone then you may be entitled to a carers parking permit. 

You may also apply for a carers permit if you work for a carers agency and provide multiple residents of Barking and Dagenham with home visits. 

Find out more and apply

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