Read dropped kerb approval guidance

Dropped kerb approval guidance (PDF, 264.6 KB)

Read the approval guidance before making your application. You must meet our criteria before permission for a dropped kerb to be built is given:

  • we do not approve applications where there is already a full 3.6 metre dropped kerb
  • housing approval will be required if your property is owned by the council and this will be processed as part of your application for a dropped kerb
  • if your hard surface will be over 5 square metres;
    • it must be made of porous materials or drained so that the water runs off into a soft landscaped or grassed area within your garden - if not, you may require planning permission
    • it must not drain onto the public road or footpath

This diagram is only a guide

Straight parking - this diagram is based on a property that does not have a bay window. If you have a bay window or porch you must have 4.5 metres from the bay or porch if it is in the parking area. 

Alternative dimensions will only be considered for angled parking and then the minimum depth is 3.8 metres.