Report damage to the highway

You can use our online form to report damage to the highway. To use the form, you need to be signed in to your My B&D account. If you don't have one, you can register for My B&D Account.

Report highway damage form

Alternatively, contact Highways and Environmental Design on 020 8215 3005.

The report will then be classed as either an emergency or routine work based on the type of damage. We need as much of this information as possible to respond to your report:

  • street name and area
  • location on street (is it near a house number or road junction?)
  • description and detail of the damage
  • your name and a contact number
  • date and approximate time of damage
  • persons or vehicle registration responsible for damage (if known)
  • were the police in attendance?

We aim to make emergency hazards safe within 2 hours.

The damage is then assessed by a technician and an order issued for repairs as either reactive work within 8 weeks or planned work within 6 months, depending on the extent and location of the damage.

If the responsibility cannot be established and the damage or hazard requires attention, we will carry out the work within 2 hours and try to recover the costs from the property-owner.

We are not responsible for inspection covers in the pavement or road (stop taps, fire hydrants, manholes and valve boxes), walls built for non-highway purposes, cellar covers or telephone or cable cabinets.